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High heels are women’s pride and many ladies today are probably guilty of having a huge collection of high heels. It’s hard to deny the chic look heels give us and the confidence we get by adding a little height. However, wearing heels to every place is almost impossible. For times like this, reach out for the comfortable tennis shoes that are in trend right now. Couple years ago, the only tennis shoes considered ‘stylish’ was probably converse or vans. But today, tennis shoes are in trend and are available in many stylish designs that are comfortable and versatile for daily outfits. If you are looking for a pair of comfortable tennis shoes that will take you to great places, consider the following options!

  1. Nike

Nike is probably the most popular brand when it comes to athletic shoes. You will notice that there are an infinite number of various designs in a Nike store or online. A great recommendation for Nike is their free runs. They are incredibly comfortable and perfect for exercise; the best part is that they come is so chic monochrome colors that can complement many looks.


Black and white are the most prominent colors when it comes to tennis shoes, but don’t be afraid to purchase a pair with color. A splash of color to your monochrome themed outfits can finish your look nicely.


*tip: ankle socks can also be worn with tennis shoes for a vintage and cozier vibe4

  1. Adidas


It’s no surprise Adidas made it to this list. Adidas superstar is one of the biggest trend that has been continuing for couple years now. Plain white or wildly marked with stripes, adidas is the pair you want if you don’t want to waste your time picking out shoes every morning.

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  1. New Balance

New Balance is a rising brand in the sports apparel industry. It is more affordable than known brands like Nike or Adidas but still come in chic designs that are compatible with most outfits. New Balance also offer shoes in suede, which is a unique material for tennis shoes.

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  1. Brand shoes

We often do not even give a glance at luxury brand shoes because we are aware that it’s a high price. However, brand named shoes like Steve Madden, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors prices are not inflated as much as we think. Most of them are close in range with Adidas or Nike but may appear more expensive than it really is.

Michael Kors

10Tommy Hilfiger

11Steve Madden

12Written By: Julie Ahn

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