Shining Your Dark Circles

Long dreadful nights of studying and overworking piles stress as our dark circles deepen. It’s important to take care of our skin even in the midst of our everyday battles in school. Our biggest enemy is the overshadowing dark circles that enlarge every night we stay up and to combat such powerful force of dark circles, we need to be strongly equipped everyday.

The skin right below the eyes define so much about your face; it’s very noticeable when you are tired. In addition, dark circles may interrupt some desirable makeup looks. With long-term effort, you can make your dark circles fade away or you can simply reach for the great cosmetic products out there to conceal your dark circles.

Home remedies:

  1. Almond Oil – Almond oil consists of great vitamins such as Vitamin K that allow your dark circles to slowly fade away. Simply dab some almond oil below your eyes every night!


  1. Tea Bag- This method is probably the most famous one. After you enjoy a cup of soothing green tea or black tea, save the bags and refrigerate them. Then simply put each bag on your eye for 10-15 minutes. The ingredients in the tea bag help reduce the dark color and puffiness around your eyes. Just be careful not to get tea in your eyes!


Products to treat it:

  1. Eye cream Cosmetic companies invest millions of dollars on producing the closest to perfect products for customers. Why invest our own time and resources when professional research groups already came up with great items? Instead of just searching for eye creams that get rid of dark circles, try to find creams that brightens your face complexion.


  1. Eye mask- Sometimes, we need to modernize our daily routines for skincare. There are numerous facial masks and even masks specifically for the patch of skin under the eyes. Applying these beauty masks once or twice a week can greatly affect your dark circles.


Hiding them:

Although treating dark circles and getting rid of them permanently sounds dreamy, this is a long process; it’s not something you can do overnight. Deal with these dark circles but during the process, you can conceal them with concealers. There are tons of various concealers for that specifically target under your eyes.

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser


NARS radiant creamy concealer


Written By: Julie Ahn

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