How to Look Chic Using only what You have in Your Closet

It can get expensive to keep up with the latest trends, so why not stay chic using only the clothes you already have? Good style has little to do with what you have and more to do with how you put it all together. A good sense of fashion is priceless!


1. Cuff your jeans

No need to buy capris- just cuff your jeans! This trick will instantly make you look cool and carefree. It will also draw attention to your shoes, so go ahead and bring out your best heels when wearing this look! Depending on the look you want and what kind of jeans you have, you can roll them either once or twice. Skinny and straight leg jeans are best rolled once, while boyfriend jeans can easily be rolled more times without looking bulky.

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2. Wear your jacket like a cape

You’ve probably seen movie stars wearing their jackets like this and wondered why they do it. Because it’s so chic, that’s why! You can go from Regular Girl to Stone Cold Fashionista with this simple style maneuver. Blazers work best with this look, and can be dressed up for the office or dressed down for a night with friends.

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3. Knot your button-downs at your waist

You don’t even need a belt if you define your waist with a simple knot. The knot will draw the eyes inward and give your waist a tapered look. It’s so much more stylish than plain-old tucking in and looks awesome over a dress. If you tie the knot right at your waist, it’ll make it look like you’re wearing a top and a skirt instead of a layered dress.

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4. Tie it all together with a belt

Are some of your clothes too big for you now? No need to get a whole new wardrobe! Just tie a belt around your waist to make oversized tops and dresses fit your frame. You can tie your belt in a knot for casual looks or cinch it like normal if you want to dress up.

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5. Dress in monochrome

This one is a risky fashion choice, but it looks stunning when done correctly. It makes you look super sleek and put-together. Just make sure that your colors match exactly, or as close to exactly as possible,  or you’ll end up looking like the wrong side of a box of crayons.

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6. Layer everything

Adding extra layers of clothing gives a new dimension to your outfit. When you combine pieces you already have in surprising ways, like leather jackets over dresses or sports bras under sheer tops, you can make dozens of new outfits for yourself. Go ahead and experiment with what you can do!

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Written by: Rachel Manning

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