History of Nail Polish

Nail polish has become a well known phenomenon that people can’t seem to live without. Girls and guys can both wear it, and it looks great. Nail polish has gone through a history of changes and additions to become what it is now.

2In 3000 B.C., in China, beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes were mixed together to color women’s nails. So the act of coloring nails has been around for thousands of years. In 50 B.C., in Egypt, Cleopatra dyed her nails red with plant extract. Various dyes and extracts were used at this time to create looks that pleased people at the time.

3In the 1400s, in Peru, sharpened wood sticks and natural dyes were used to decorate Aztecs’ nails with eagles because the bird is seen as a powerful symbol to them. This is similar to nail art and is one of the first known forms of nail art. Our nail art style has come a long way from then.

In the 1870s, in France, one of the first commercial nail salons opened. They were available to both women and men and were able to style their nails, in the sense of buffing, cleaning, and shining. In 1878, America’s first manicure parlor was opened in Manhattan. She catered to customers with her emery boards and red and pink polish.

4In 1917, the first modern liquid nail polish was manufactured by Cutex. In 1932, more shades were made available due to using pigments instead of dyes. In 1957, faux nails became available for wear. Then in 1976, the infamous French manicure was created. Through this century, major changes took place in nail polish becoming more modern.

5Through the history of nail polish, huge creations and improvements have happened so that we can enjoy the luxury of being able to wear various styles of  nail polish.

Written By: Shania Shelton

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