The Tommy Hilfiger Trend

Sometimes trends are not dedicated to a particular design such as circle skirts or turtlenecks. There is a trend that circulates around a certain brand in fashion. For instance, it was pretty clear when Adidas was the trendy brand or when everyone saved up to buy a pair of Nike Shoes to hop onto the bandwagon. Not a while ago, Calvin Klein was the logo that was going around tumblr and Instagram. But this recent trend is soon to be replaced by Tommy Hilfiger. The iconic flag logo is familiar to most of us and its elegant colors look chic and casual at the same time.

The best thing about logo shirts and sweaters is that the logo does the job. They are versatile since anything your wear with these tops will match. Whether you like to wear sweatpants or a pair of distress shorts, these are perfect.

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Although all of the tops have the same old logo and colors, they come in various designs that can be styled in countless ways.

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If you work out and need a cute sports bra, this is the one for you! It is also a chic piece to wear as a casual outfit. Rock the look with a denim jacket.

6You probably saw the commercial of Tommy Hilfiger featuring Gigi Hadid. And if you were also mesmerized by her looks, you will love this nautical hat.

7Tommy Hilfiger carries more than logo shirts. There are so many more gorgeous accessories that can be incorporated into our outfits. For instance, this bandana from the fall collection is a piece of art on a fabric we can wrap our necks with for warmth and style.

8Written By: Julie Ahn

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