Fallin’ For Fall Boots

Slip away the sandals because fall is here. This means pumpkin spice latte and sidewalks covered with crunchy orange leaves. And of course, replacing sandals with fall boots because when seasons change, fashion changes too. Although we love summery sandals and flats,it’s time to kiss them goodbye and welcome boots. Most of us don’t really bother to restock our fall shoes, but after looking at these new arrivals, there is no turning back to our old goodies.

Trends never completely vanish, they always pop in. Some of the boots listed below are revisitors. However, most of them are extremely stylish and bold in their new vibes.

Knee High: Knee High Boots are bound to come back. There is no need for long stockings when it comes to these babes. The little add-on for this fall is the lace detail on the back- although very subtle, it gives a cute detail to your outfit.

Lulu Suede – $48

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Zara Leather Wide Leg – $279

Bold in red, it’s also a perfect color to complement any fall looks.

3Heeled Ankle Boots: These boots are a pure bliss as it adds that extra height along with confidence. The length of these boots may be a little obscure since it doesn’t reach our knees nor rest on our ankles. But they are look chic with various fashion essentials for fall- from shorts to midi dresses. And best of all, many of them have extraordinary designs that make you stand out from the crowd.

Misguided glossy boots – $64

4Steve Madden Jaque Velvet- $129.95

5Topshop Square Toe Boot- $60

6Norra Boots- $995

7Leather Ankle Boots with Toe Caps – $139

8High Heel Leather Ankle Boots with Metallic Toe – $119

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Heels Detail Ankle Boots – $69.90

11Lulu Suede Ankle Boots – $28

12Extra Details- Sometimes boots have details that we cannot miss.

Sweet Slice Peep-Toe Ankle Boots – $32

13Military Leather Ankle Boots – $159

14Written By: Julie Ahn

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