DIY with Patches

DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself. It is a very convenient and fun method as an alternative way to get something we want. Some stores just don’t sell the item we are seeking and the very few stores that carry them sell them for prices that are out of our league. As a fix, we can DIY these masterpieces. The biggest trend of this year is probably patches. Patches look like beautiful embroidery that was hand-stitched for countless hours. On websites like e-Bay or Amazon, patches are sold as wholesale, meaning bulks are sold for a couple bucks. With all these patches, the options are limitless when it comes to DIY products.

Here are some easy(er) patch DIY ideas. Buy a bulk and share the fun & style with your friends!

Bomber Jacket: Bomber jackets are the bomb item during winter, fall spring, and even in summer for some places. To spice up any bomber jacket you own, simply attach some patches. A clear theme can be incorporated like military, navy, or trendy vibe. Many contemporary patches can be ironed on easily but if you want to really secure them on, sew them on.

1Have an old pair of t-shirt that your have been shoving in your closet for a while? Well, bring them out because with some patches, your shirt will be renovated into a fun top that you will find yourself reaching for.

2Let’s make our way to denim. Denim is one of the best textile for patches because it works so well the vintage vibe of patches. Spice up any pair of jeans or jacket with some patchwork.

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Overalls are possibly the cutest piece when it comes to patched on clothing. Cute patches fit right on the overall look of overalls.

6At a place like Walmart, you can exchange five bucks for plain white hat. And with a single patch, the plain hat miraculously converts to a chic and iconic cap.

7Written By: Julie Ahn

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