Trend Alert: Menswear-Inspired Womenswear

This season, menswear is everywhere, and both men and women are wearing it. Menswear-inspired pieces are popping up in runways and magazines, and it’s important to know how to wear it. They key is well-tailored silhouettes and crisp, sharp cuts. But, let’s get into the specifics.



The most on-trend item you can wear this season is the blazer, which isn’t just for the office anymore! You can wear it at school or on the streets- or even during long walks in the park. It’s essential to style your blazer to fit the occasion. You can dress up a blazer by wearing it with slacks or a dress, and dress it down by wearing it with jeans or a crop top.

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Another super-stylish thing you can wear is Oxford shoes. These are some of the most versatile shoes out there, and men usually have the monopoly on them. Well, not anymore! With many more feminine styles and colors out there, there’s something for every women to love with these amazing shoes.

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Tweed, a traditionally masculine fabric, is great for fall- no matter who you are. It’s warm and makes you look studious and thoughtful. Be careful with this one, though, because it’s really easy to end up looking like a stiff, professor-type instead of an elegant fashionista.

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While the most traditional type of bowtie, the one men might wear to the office, is all fine and well, why not get creative? Try something a little different- something more akin to a cravat or a slouchy bow. You won’t regret it!

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Only women carry purses, right? Men carry briefcases. Well, not anymore! Briefcases are perhaps the sleekest and most professional-looking way to carry your things, and, if you get a good leather one, one bag might last you your entire career.




This traditionally men’s pattern is one of the classiest ones out there. No way should women let them have it! Sharing is caring, after all. You’ll usually find houndstooth in black-and-white on sweaters and blazers, but it actually comes in all sorts of colors and on all sorts of garments.

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There are a thousand other ways to incorporate menswear into your wardrobe; a thousand other ways to express your more masculine side. Whether you stick to menswear-inspired pieces or walk right over to the men’s department and buy your clothes there, you can be sure that you’ll be right on trend this season.


Written by: Rachel Manning

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