New Arrivals for the New Season: Zara

Walking into Zara is almost painful as everything pleases our eyes- but not our bank accounts. Zara holds some beautiful pieces that are not quite “high-end” or luxury brand but definitely on the pricier side when it comes to buying everyday clothes- at least for students. If you are too afraid to step into Zara and skeptical of checking their online shop, here is a good summary of the new arrivals in Zara. Get a box of tissues ready because this will make you want to drag you and your wallet right into Zara.

Let’s start with trends. Of course, everything in Zara is considered as the latest trend, but there are some awesome picks that we may not find in any stores.

Military Jacket- somewhat feminine with the details and somewhat boyish-chic due to its military design, this is the perfect jacket for winter.

1Animal lovers, don’t freak out at the mention of fur jackets because these are faux fur.This faux fur jacket is a stylish statement piece for anyone who desires to spice up her outfit.

2We are not French nor do we live in France- but that’s no reason to prevent us from putting on this gorgeous beret. Ladies, tuck away your beanies because it’s time for berets to make an entrance.

3If this was an ordinary denim jacket, it would not have made it to the list. By throwing this on, your back instantly becomes a canvas embellished with beautiful art piece. But let’s also not forget about the bold faux fur detail on the collar.

4Knee High Boots are nothing new; they were there last year. But this pair of turquoise velvet knee high is a unique match made in Heaven.

5There is a lot going on in this pair of skinny jeans. The ankle cut, the side cut, the mildly acid-washed look, and of course, the vibrant work of embroidery.

6If you want some stellar accessories, this star shaped earring is the perfect piece for you. All five points of this star points to the right direction in styling. In all seriousness, stars are reaching their peaks this season in accessories because they are simply stellar.

7Even though I was extremely distracted by all of these amazing trendy items, my heart never abandons the cozy winter coats. Whether it’s a simple errand to a local Starbucks or a walk along the beach, this coat serves it purpose with its style and warmth.

8Written By: Julie Ahn

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