Paris Fashion Week 2017 Anticipation

The word ‘Paris’ simply makes us fantasize about sitting on top of a lit Eiffel Tower- sipping on a cup of espresso with a beret on our heads. But if you hear the word Paris in September- this fantasy should be replaced with an imagination of Paris Fashion Week. PFW is when famous designers all over the world and celebrities congregate to this beautiful city and set a spark for the upcoming trends. As fashion lovers, our full interest should be pouring into this notorious fashion show. If you missed the show, here are some highlights of the show to keep you in check for next year’s trends.

Are we traveling back a few decades in the fashion world? Balenciaga popped in bright colors to reminisce of the hippies and brought back the structured designs. We got rid of shoulder pads but it seems as if Balenciaga wants to bring it back with a contemporary twist.

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If you want something to please your eyes, there is no better eye candy than Valentino’s spring/summer collection for 2017. Each piece flows in elegance and captures the attention of everyone in the room. It seems like mock heads will remain as a trend and wide butterfly arms are making a comeback.

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We are all in love with the rich look of satin right now; don’t worry, it’s not going away.

10Let’s not forget about shoes. Our feet need to be pleased too; good shoes will bring you to good places. During the show, Celine not only surprised us with beautiful designs, but models walked in mismatched shoes. Another main point for this line is stockings with shoes- boots, heels, sandals, any pair that you will slide your feet into.

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Other looks:

Louis Vuitton

14Elie Saab

15Written By: Julie Ahn

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