How To Get Your Nail Polish To Stay On Longer

When completing that perfect manicure, the question “How long will this one last?” might arise. Nail polish doesn’t last forever, but there are certain techniques to extend the wear of them.


Using a base coat can make the world of a difference. Base coats protect your nails by making a barrier of colors that can stain your nails and your actual nails, while also extending the wear length of your nail polish.

Using cuticle oil will not only make your cuticles and nails healthier with every use, but they can make your nail polish stay longer on your nails, which proves to be effective in more than one ways.

If you really want your nail polish to stay on longer, you should be careful of how you treat your nails, when you’re doing daily activities. For example, when you’re cleaning, wear gloves, so you don’t damage your manicure.

Written by: Shania Shelton

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