Morning exercises for 2017

2017 is finally here. New year means new resolutions and coolly saying adios to our unhealthy habits. Waking up each morning and starting the day off with some yoga moves is every woman’s goals. But some yoga moves are just too much of a stretch and no one has the luxurious time to yoga for an hour with a teaspoon of sweat to shed off a calorie or two. For the new year, here are some quick morning exercises to boost up your mood and begin the day right.

(After you wake up, turn on peaceful music or your favorite energy lifting song to get yourself in that awesome mood for some moves.)

If back pain was a big problemo for you in 2016, it’s time to fix it.

  • You can do this one or both legs. Lay flat on the ground and pull your knees right to your chest. Hold it there for a few seconds and release; you will surely feel the heavenly relief during this move.


  • Also with your leg, pull and cross one leg over the other. Hold it for 30 seconds and repeat.


Sick of heels and want to elongate a little? Even if your puberty ended and the growing stopped, there are some recommended exercises to stretch the body a little more. One of the most famous stretch to get taller naturally is this cobra position. Lie on your belly and put your hands up to your chest, pull up the torso to its max. With this position, you are stretching your spine to its max!


The hardest thing to do first thing in 2017 will have to be waking up in the morning. This never changes. Although no one can really lift you up every morning out of your bed, you can use some stretches when the sun rises to open sleepy eyes.

  • Stand up and take a deep breath. Exhale by lowering your torso so that your face is facing your ankles. Repeat this until you feel like you feel a little energy bubbling up inside for another day.


  • If standing up right away is a little difficult for you, sit down and do the spine twist. Some people’s backs crack and give a very relieving feeling. Either way, this should feel great and offer that little energy you need to fully get out of bed.


Written By: Julie Ahn

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