Got MILK Makeup?


Got Milk? Well Sephora got MILK. The ultimate L.A. and NY makeup brand, MILK, is now accessible at Sephora. From its logo sign to the actual product, the amazing makeup company consists of aesthetic makeup that is designed for bare to bold looks. Dark berry lips, hologram highlights, or sun oil for bare face– take a look at this rising makeup brand. In addition, if you have that one beauty-addict friend, this will be the perfect Christmas gift for her. Everyone is trying to get their hands on these unique products.

Take a glimpse with the best sellers:

Cooling Water

As the cold wind blows on our face, our face becomes dehydrated every day. When the winter season hits, our jolly Christmas celebration may be interrupted with dry skin- especially around our mouth. If this is you, have no fear and apply this cool gel stick that instantaneously leaves your face feeling hydrated.

Lip + Cheek


Other than the aesthetic packaging, MILK tries to come up with multipurpose makeup. Although some of us already use pigmented lipsticks as blush, why not try buying the product that we have been dreaming of? Colors range from cute pink to berry bold.

Holographic stick

MILK has its own typical bronzer, matte finish. But it also came up with this unique holographic highlighter that will make your skin appear as pearls shining in twilight. No other product can quite replace this one.




From fuchsia to nude mauve, these crayon lipsticks are made for the perfect modern girl. Despite its perfection in color, it also works as a moisturizer.


Sunshine Oil


If you ever wondered how the sun would look close up, just take a glance at this sunshine oil product. From lemon peels to soon-to-be extinct avocados, MILK’S unique sunshine oil is made with the best organic ingredients to refresh your skin. It is the ultimate essence to hydrate and brighten skin to perfection.

Written By: Julie Ahn

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