Style Evolution: Taylor Swift

Taylor Alison Swift has had one of the most impressive evolutions in the public eye, in regards to not just her style, but her image and career. From country music darling to enviable pop star, she has weaved in and out of different aesthetics with ease. Oh, let us count the ways.


It’s surprising to see just how different Taylor once looked, but back in 2006, we couldn’t imagine her without her spiral curls, flowy white dresses, and acoustic guitar in hand.


In 2007, after the release of her sophomore album, those curls became even more dramatic and our girl began to embrace the magic of glitter.


For the next year, Swift remains the model for coquettish femininity, her curls getting bigger and her outfits remaining pale and elegant.4


2009 was the year that Taylor made poppy red lips her thing. She consumed a love for old Hollywood glamor, decking herself out in glittering, elegant jewelry and sophisticated hairstyles.

Taylor Swift - 2010 CMT Music Awards, Nashville, 06/09/2010

For the most part, Taylor remains true to the signature style she had developed over the past year, but we begin to see deviations from that style in 2010, especially with this tight, sexy, bordeaux-colored dress and pin-straight hair.


2011 is quite the return to form for Miss Swift, as she shows a lot of love for her signature wavy blond hair, red lips, and pale colors.7

Swift amps up what she’s known for in the year that she releases her hit album Red. Of course, this means that in 2012, red is her number one favorite color.


Taylor tries to market on her sex appeal in this ensemble in 2013, with big hair, smoky eye makeup, and metal accents on her form-fitting dress.

2014 was the year that Taylor Swift completed her style-wise 180. She chopped off her wavy locks and began to dawn seriously sexy outfits, baring her midriff and favoring short skirts and high heels.


In 2010, the year that Taylor released her uber-successful 1989, she also learned to perfect her simple, sexy, cool girl style, with Ray Bans, red lips, and minimalist crop tops.


This year, we’ve seen Taylor Swift become a little bit of a hipster, and we love it. Whether she’s pairing crop tops with overalls, dying her bob peroxide blond, or falling in love with choker necklaces, we’re here for it, and we can’t wait to see where her sense of style will take her next.

Written By: Sydney Rakestraw

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