Knowing your skin undertone

Knowing your skin undertone will help you tremendously when it comes to wearing makeup or finding what colors work on you. Undertones typically fall into one of three categories, warm (think yellow or olive), cool (pinkish/red), or neutral.  So how exactly do you find that out? The first thing to do is take off all your make up, and pull your hair back, put on a neutral colored item, so that way what you’re wearing doesn’t mess with your natural complexion.


The most common thought of test for finding your undertone is the vein test, and it’s pretty straight forward. In a natural light hold up your arms, and look at your veins. If your veins look more green you’re most likely warm toned. If your veins look more blue or purple good chance your cool toned. If it’s hard to tell you may be neutral toned.


Another test is to picture yourself in white, or better yet put on a white shirt, or hold up a white sheet of paper to your face. How do you look? If your skin looks yellow or dull, you’re probably warm toned, if it looks fine, you’re cool toned, and if you still can’t figure out why you’re holding up a white sheet of paper or wearing white, you’re probably neutral.

Finally the other way to tell your undertone is what color jewelry looks best on you? If you look best in silver, you’re cool toned, if you look better in gold, you’re warm toned, and if you look good in both, you’re neutral toned.


So what does it all mean? Overall cool toned people should stay closer to jewel toned clothing and make up, so it won’t wash you out. Warm toned people will look better in yellow, orange, and gold. Think of a warm sunset, and those are the target colors for your warm toned girl.

Knowing your undertone will also help you find the perfect foundation shade.


It’ll also help you pick out a red lipstick that will suit you. If you’re cool toned, you’ll want to find a red with a blue or purple undertone. If your warm toned, a red with an orange undertone is perfect to choose.

Undertones should be used to your advantage not disadvantage! Knowing your undertone will make your life a lot easier, when it comes to finding the right make up, and clothing for you.


Written by: Sara Bolanos

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