Love Letter to the LBD

Dear LBD,

I wanted to apologize for the portion of my life where I rejected classic femininity and, in turn, rejected you. I may have discriminated against you because you are, of course, a dress; I just didn’t realize how significant and versatile of a dress you could really be. I was never able to see the chameleon you could be, effortlessly assimilating with a host of different styles and aesthetics.


Don’t get me wrong; you have more than enough potential to boast the classic femininity that I shied away from as a teenager. All you need to do is add a pair of heels, a clutch purse, a bun, and perhaps a white cardigan, and there you are, an outfit fit for Sunday brunch; an ode to Audrey Hepburn.

lolStill, I mourn for the times when I couldn’t appreciate you fully, when I wasn’t aware of your capabilities of casual coolness. All I needed was to don my standard black canvas sneakers, pair you with a hoodie, let my hair hang wild, and maybe invest in a tattoo choker, and I would’ve been golden. Comfortable in my skin and yet stylish to the max, because that’s who you are, LBD. You make everything more fashionable.


And when pushed to the edge, you can be as badass as anyone else, as long as you tag along with your friends, a black leather jacket and a sick pair of boots. Then watch out for that dangerous hottie!

You can be anything you set your mind to, LBD. You can be the outfit of choice to fit any kind of style: casual, girly, skater, biker, formal, fun, for boys and girls, old and young, the most flattering color on any skintone and the flirtiest, most comfortable cut. I’m only sorry I didn’t realize it sooner.

Written By: Sydney Rakestraw

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