Lovely Outfits for First Dates

Women always have room for sweet chocolates and candies but there is nothing sweeter than dating. As Valentine’s Days are getting closer, the singles population should decrease to create more couples. Now, if you have this perfect guy with a perfect date planned, all you really need is the perfect outfit to make the day more memorable (because pictures on first date is inevitable). To relieve some of that stressful contemplation of what to wear to your first date, here are some inspirational ideas; find the perfect one for you!

Most of the times, dresses are appropriate for first dates. They simply give this girly, sweet vibe that suits the lovely date. As long as amusement parks or extreme active plans are not scheduled, a cute little dress is more than perfect.


For a fancy dinner or lunch, slip into a classic dress and add a dainty necklace for an elegant embellishment.


Not all dresses have to be formal as the ones above. If you don’t want to overdress but still look cute in a dress, try a sweater dress or any casual dress with a cutesy vibe. Lazy Oaf has adorable, one-of-a-kind dresses that you can rock on your first date.




If a sexy bodycon dress is more of your style, go for it! Bodycon dresses can look casual and more comfortable with sneakers. Remember to throw on a light cardigan just in case you go out to eat and you want to cover the food belly!


You can keep it casual and comfortable without looking ‘underdressed’. Sometimes, those boyfriend jeans or a sweater just shouts our names. Casual outfits can look more dressed up with some heels, so instead of the worn out sneakers, slip into a nice pair of heels!



Written By: Julie Ahn

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