Friends Fashion: Rachel Green

Many young millennials will turn their heads from the TV screen if some show from the 90’s is playing. But even as a teenager, I used to love watching Friends (despite the fact that its first episode was from 1994- before I was even born). While enjoying Friends, I laughed a lot, cried a little, and seriously fell in love with something other than the most perfect friendship portrayed in the show: the characters’ fashion.

It was so cool to see how the contemporary fashion trends we enjoy today were worn by actors and actresses of the 90’s. Sometimes, when we watch our favorite TV shows, we almost act like the characters of the show- almost as if we were impersonating them. And this includes how they dress. If you love Friends and want to dress like your favorite persona, here is my gift to you. The first character up on the spotlight is Rachel Greens.

Rachel Green’s infamous overalls!

Highlight: instead of the typical t-shirts, throw on a cute blouse under the overalls on a summery day.


This isn’t your typical denim overalls but a midi dress you can layer with a crop top or long sleeves. If you are wearing a dress like this, keep some of the last buttons open to create a chic slit.


For a preppy look, slip into a plaid mini skirt and knee high socks. You will feel like you are a student from the 90’s.


We had a crazy off-the-shoulders trendy season last year and who knew it was worn by Rachel Green in Friends? The highlight of this outfit is not only the cold shoulders but the cute little scarf as an accessory.


This criss cross detail is still a hot trend and no one ever imagined that it’s also from the 90’s. It gives a contemporary chic vibe but you can add a tint of 90’s vibe when you pair it with loose jeans.


Written By: Julie Ahn

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