Hairstyles for Bangs

Sometimes a little change that we want to make starts from changing our hairstyles. Instead of dyeing our hair in some crazy color or even getting perms that go well over hundreds of dollars, I decided to get front bangs for this winter. The stereotype that bangs are solely for Asians or for ‘cute’ girls is well gone as it became a new statement style in contemporary looks. With the uprising trend of bangs, it is only appropriate (for us trend seekers) to be at least aware of the various hairstyles one can do with the little patch of hair that dangles on our forehead. And trust me- bangs can do so much than making your face look smaller in selfies.

Whether short or long, bangs and wavy hair create the perfect beachy hair. They can look cute at the beach and with some formal attire, long elegantly professional.

Short hair + bangs


Long hair + bangs


Cute braid can not look cuter than with bangs. You can achieve a side braid or braid a headband with front/side bangs. The bangs make it look more vintage and emphasize the braid look you want to achieve.




Elegant hairstyles

For parties or dances, there really is no need to stress out too much. There are so many hairstyles you can do for these formal events. For inspirations, take a look at these celebrities.

Everything is braided here. Simply braid your hair and secure it with bobby pins on the back of your head. This can be a little messy but the key here is a neat braid with straightened bangs.


Chic hairstyle can be achieved by concentrating bangs and extra hair onto one side. Smokey make up will spice up the look even more!


Curl your hair and braid it- but only to a midpoint, then simply tie the rest od your hair into a low ponytail.


In addition to contemporary looks, you can also do some oldy looks such as this 60’s hairstyle.






Inspired? Bangs are so easy to cut at home. There are tons of videos and how-to’s on cutting your own bangs at home. As we are approaching a new year, try a new look; who knows? You might really like it- and if you don’t, just grow them out! You never know until you try it if you like it or not.

Written By: Julie Ahn

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