How to Wear All Black and Look Chic

Love black? It’s hard not to, seeing as it’s such a beautiful and flattering color. But it can be hard to wear all black without looking like either a Goth teen or a total bore. So whether you are going monochromatic because you love to or because it’s part of your workplace’s dress code, there are ways to still look chic!



1. Use interesting silhouettes

Since black is such a subtle color, you can get away with using striking shapes you might not otherwise wear. Enormous peplums or long coats make all-black outfits stand out.




2. Pick stand-out pieces

This is a little like the previous tip, but this time you get to wear things that are almost extreme- stuff no one else is wearing. In black, these types of pieces go from ostentatious to classy.




3. Very fabrics and textures

This one is super important! When you stick to just cotton and denim, you can look really drab. Instead, wear both sheers and solids, light fabrics and heavy ones- just to liven up your look.




4. Sheer fabrics

And speaking of sheer fabrics, they look awesome on any all-black ensemble. The color of your skin peeking through the black will help break up the pattern and spice things up.




5. Patterned/graphic pieces

Your outfit doesn’t have to be only black. You can wear a graphic tee or patterned leggings and make it the centerpiece of your outfit that day.



6. Add some color

And something other than white or gray. A pop of a bright or bold color will add an unexpected twist to an otherwise drab outfit. So if you think your outfit may be bordering on boring on a particular day, throw on a colorful pair of shoes or jewelry to turn that around.




7. Be super well-groomed

This is what will most keep you from looking like a Goth teen. Black is a super-polished color, and if you don’t look super-polished, it just won’t match and people will notice. Neatness is what takes your look from “Ugh whatever” to “I’m ready for anything.”




Written by: Rachel Manning

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