So What is the Real Drill for Acne?

As a female adolescent, there is nothing worse than stress and pimples. But the bad things always strike together. Pimples are only natural effects of growing and hormones; in other words, they are completely natural and it’s nothing to be even embarrassed about. However, some breakouts are just pain the butt. There are so many stories and myths than we hear from others on how to treat them. So before actually finding out the actual necessary drill for pimples, let’s cross off some myths that everyone seems to be talking about.


  • It’s okay to pop pimples. Although we’ve had ‘successful’ moments when popping pimples, it is never recommended by professionals to pop pimples. It can cause inflammation, tissues damage, and eventually lead to an acne scar that lasts for a long time. As tempting as it may be, cover it with a concealer for couple days and use other remedies.
  • Acne happens overnight. This is a big fat no. Pimples are only the end result of acne and usually takes weeks to form. Over time, dead skin cells clog, and excess oil and bacteria build up, causing the formation of the deadly and despicable pimples.
  • Washing your face more is better. A big misconception everyone has is that washing your face more will prevent acne. While washing face twice a day and exfoliating are important routines, there is a limit. Over washing can dehydrate your face and cause skin to produce more oil since you keep washing off the oil. So over washing/exfoliating can cause more pimples. Enough is enough!

OK, so what are some correct treatments/remedies for pimples?

Ice cube– instead of popping your pimple right away, reduce the inflammation by wrapping an ice cup with fabric and gently hold it on the acne spot for a minute or two. Repeat the process couple times.


Apple cider vinegar/fresh lemon– Use apple cider vinegar solution or fresh lemon juice to apply on the surface of your acne area. The vitamin C will actively kill off the villains (acne-bacteria) and balance the pH so that these bacteria cannot survive.


Although the above home remedies are affordable and effective, for a more reliant source, store bought products may be ideal. Companies spend millions of dollars on producing the best acne creams so these are credible and reliable.


Benzoyl peroxide is the best treatment out there. It is often used in acne cream, gels, cleansers, and lotion. If you want to do a spot treatment, consider getting a cream that you can apply to specifically treat a breakout.

Written By: Julie Ahn

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