Fashionable Winter Coats

In the winter there’s nothing better than just throwing on your favorite leggings, a big old sweat shirt, and big comfy coat. In fact sometimes it feels like there’s no point in trying to dress cute because it’s just going to be covered up with a coat.


Parkas are great long coats for the cold winters


Combat Coat.

Channeling the military style combat coats are edgier than trench and pea coats.


The Trench Coat.

It’s classic and you’ll never go wrong with this coat. The traditional style is in a camel color, but there are tons of other colors, and styles very to make them more edgy, additionally a few come with detachable hoods for extra warmth.


Leather Jacket

Update your classic leather jacket with a fur or faux fur lining for extra warmth


The Pea Coat.

Another classic, and it comes in a variety of colors.


(Faux) Fur Coat

It’s elegant and rich looking. The real thing will cause a sizable dent in your wallet, so wearing a faux fur coat for either monetary or ethical reasons is A-Okay!


The Puffer coat

It’s warm and it feels like a comforter.


Written By: Sara Bolanos

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