Street Style: San Francisco

Millions of tourists pour into the bustling streets of San Francisco to see the famous golden gate bridge (that is not gold). But besides the golden gate bridge, and even their popular tacos and clam chowder bread bowls, there lies streets where people consider as their own red carpet. Their outfits emerge out of the typical t-shirt and shorts to something so much more. If one considers visiting this breathtaking city, looking at its street fashion from head to toe will be inspiring.

Trends travel time but so can you. Consider clicking your cute little heels on the concret cement while twirling in a vintage dress. Finish off the classic look with a pair of sunglasses.



Fall is all about stockings and leather so why not fall into the trend? No worries, San Francisco winter is safe enough to pull on some good stockings for skirts and dresses. You can even throw on a sun hat and no one will doubt your look even in mid-December.


Overalls don’t always have to look ‘cute’. This person tucked in a striped t-shirt and threw on a navy green jacket to add that chic look to the outfit. In addition, she protected her face from the strong sunlight with a black floppy hat and finished off the look with stylish cowboy low-cut boots.


Trench coat cannot be forgotten in San Francisco (or any city really). This work-convenient outfit focuses on the chic trench coat and block heels. Make sure to hold that cup of Starbucks coffee for the picture.


San Francisco is packed with aesthetic cafes that are tumblr-worthy. If you want to take a sip of latte in a cute cafe, might as well dress with the cafe-vibe look.


By: Julie Ahn

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