You Will Love the Rose Gold Hair

Everything is rose gold this year. From iPhone to our kitchen utensils, rose gold is the ultimate thing in 2016 and it seems like this color will not go away soon. If you thought rose gold is only for metal objects like copper, you have not seen one of the most beautiful form of rose gold. Rose is the official hair trend color. Some people call it ‘rose gold’ or simply ‘rose’ to depict a stunning hairstyle. Here are some pictures to prove it.

Yes, it’s the tint of rose pink color and blonde, silver hair. Although some people may call it ‘pink’, we all know it’s not a simple pink dye. A little shinier than dusty pink but definitely lighter than normal pink- it’s rose gold. Although it is not the easiest color to achieve, it is definitely worth the time and money invested.


There is definitely an elegant vibe in the color.



Celebrities who are rocking rose gold:





They look great in buns too.


Loving it?


It’s almost new year, so I say start off the year or wrap the year with a new hairstyle. Rose may be the perfect one for you.

Written By: Julie Ahn

Photo sources: