Trend Alert: STRIPES

In The Fashion Week for 2016 winter, stripes have been dominantly running down the walkway. As winter is here, it is time to finally wear these gorgeous stripes. From thick knitted scarves to cozy sweaters, stripes are drawn everywhere. These striped clothing are extremely stylish and match with almost anything- from a casual pair of jeans to a plaid winter skirt.

Here are some inspirations and stylish picks for this winter!

Zara- As Zara is a rising and highly popular brand that are gravitating many teens and even adolescents. Many of their products are very clean-cut and although not all of them are ‘crazy fashionable’, they are stylish because of the versatility of their classic looks.

This one is my favorite (I ordered mine on Black Friday and am super excited to dig ‘em). The little frill detail on the neck and sleeves are total-cute details giving that spice to any basic outfit.  


We already love the ruffle prevalent this year. But what makes this skirt more classic is the stripes. Black and white stripes allow you to rock any t-shirt with this skirt. Throw on a black leather jacket to spice it up.


This last one from Zara emits a strong vibe of the sweatshirt trend going on currently. Vehements is the popular luxury brand this year for almost all celebrities. Although they are extremely expensive for many of us (a hoodie costing $1000), we can grab this babe from Zara as an alternative.


One accessory I have been loving this winter is scarf. Nothing is better than a big cozy scarf that makes you feel like one of the Hogwarts students. For an on-to trend scarf, pick the one with stripes; it gives you a classic vibe and no other accessory is necessary with this neck-warmer!


A striped sweater dress is a must for winter! Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves in an oversized striped sweater with super long sleeves to wrap your hands with? (Not to mention the thigh-high boots that is paired to give the cozy and chic vibe.)


If you love bell sleeves, this is the perfect type of clothing for you. Huge bell sleeves with horizontal stripes in rusty colors for the vintage look. Pair it with a pair of comfy jeans and boots- for a match made in Heaven.


By: Julie Ahn

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