Valentine’s with Friends

While some people are dying waiting for February 14 – the day for lover birds- many of us are shoving chips in our mouths and look annoyingly at the couples out there. Having a significant other to spend the Valentine’s is adorable, but the day doesn’t have to be wasted simply because one doesn’t have a valentine partner. I mean, when we were little, everyone was each other’s Valentine and we all shared chocolates with the whole class at school. I remember I would be excited to come to my desk filled with chocolates and candies from friends and classmates. ‘Those were the good days’- but we can always bring this back. Within your single friends who are ready to mingle, plan out the perfect single Valentine’s this year.

Let’s first start with a good outfit. When you are dressed well, you feel pretty, and you appear pretty in front of others. Go all out and dress better than any girlfriend out there on a date.

Red and pink are the magic colors for this time of the month. Bring out the most feminine side of you with pretty pink or the edgy vibe with red.





Or you can always go pure white.

5Valentine’s Day is really about the chocolates. Instead of receiving one from your secret admirers, just make them at home with your lovely friends! Along with chocolates, you can make cupcakes, brownies, and any of your favorite sweets.


Macarons are great for Valentine’s day. If you are a baker, I say challenge yourself with this! Learn how you can make all kinds of beautiful and delicious macarons here!


But if you are not a kitchen- person, make this super easy chocolate covered pretzels.

8Remember, you are not giving them to anyone but sharing them with your friends. They don’t have to be perfect; the highlight is baking with your friends.

After your stomach is filled, color in your nails with your girls.


Finish the date off with a romantic movie and facial mask. How can this get any better?


By: Julie Ahn

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