Which Fashion Apps Should You Download?

Although it’s scary for some to admit, technology runs our lives. I have an app that tells me when to wake up, an app that let’s me know how light or warm to dress for the weather, an app that teaches me German, an app that tells me when I’m going to get my period, an app that manages my bank accounts and my stocks and my credit cards, and on and on and on. While I’m responsible enough to not let my phone consume my whole life, and I hope you are too, I’m also very aware that I rely on the apps on my phone to aid in the little conveniences of modern life and I trust them with very intimate information. As a fashion lover and a makeup enthusiast, I’ve tried out more than a few fashion- and beauty-related apps, and I’m here to tell you which ones are worth downloading; and which aren’t.


Mona is a personal stylist right on your phone. As you set it up, it grabs a bunch of e-receipts from your email account and tries to figure out your personal style. The app will round up a bunch of online sales and promotions and give you 20 offers every day. At first, everything that Mona offered me was way over my price range, but I found that I could tell the app that I didn’t like its offers and why. Besides your daily top 20, you can send the app on “missions.” You can tell it what kind of item you want and your price range, but also specify it to consider color and brand. On my search for anything by Kate Spade for under $100, the app gave me quite a few cute items, and I was elated when it found me a tote bag for $24. Score!

Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Wanelo is another app that rounds up a ton of on-sale offers from around the web, but they tend to branch out from just fashion and beauty. As you set up, you give the app a taste of your style and what kind of items you’re interested in. Since the price drops that Wanelo shows you are actually pretty significant, you might find yourself buying from them more often than you would from an app like Mona. Beware, though, because many items are knock-offs sold by mass production companies in China. However, the layout makes it look like an Instagram page of items you can save into a plethora of customized wishlists, making it a great resource for anyone looking to waste a ton of time on their phone.

Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆


Canopy takes advantage of the fact that Amazon sells such a broad amount of products that it makes the website somewhat difficult to browse. This app rounds up Amazon’s most popular and trending sales and tailors their feed to your style as you continue to ‘heart’ items. They provide a little bit of organization to your Amazon shopping sprees, but not much else.

Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆


The Hunt is like Shazam for fashion. You snap a pic or a screenshot of an item you really want to get your hands on and the app’s community will band together to find the item or a similar item online for you. You accumulate points by helping other people find items they’re looking for. This app is useful if you’re desperate to buy something you saw your favorite Instagram model wearing but you can’t find anywhere. However, I don’t see many people using it as a day to day fashion app.

Rating: ☆ ☆


Tictail is similar to Etsy in that it’s an online marketplace for quirky, indie businesses. However, there’s a much bigger emphasis on minimalism and there doesn’t seem to be much room for customization on the app. Personally, I think you’re better off sticking with Etsy.

Rating: ☆ ☆


Posy is the 21st century rewrite to the popular chick flick scenario of trying on outfits with your friends and having them say yay or nay. In this rendition, you upload pictures of your outfits to Posy and the people who follow you will give it a like or a dislike. You can ask more specific questions, such as, “Is this a good color for me?” or “Does this hat work with this belt?” and your followers will comment. No-one can see the like to dislike ratio before they vote, so you’re more likely to get an honest opinion.

Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆


MakeupGenius is an app made by L’Oreal that allows you to try on their products through augmented reality. Just use the reverse camera to have makeup filtered onto your face, Snapchat style. The only problem is that the face recognition software isn’t up to par with other apps, making the makeup appear rather odd on your face.

Rating: ☆

Pretty in My Pocket is a way to access a ton of makeup reviews by beauty bloggers all in one place. You can peruse the makeup that other people are raving about, add products to your “bag,” and buy them right from the app. My favorite part, though, is the ability to scan the barcode of any product you want and have the app pull up a page for it that includes reviews by other bloggers, looks that have been created using the product, a list of users who have added the product to their bag, and even a list of dupes! This app will definitely be my best friend the next time I go shopping.

Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Written By: Sydney Rakestraw

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