Winter White

Labor Day be damned! Winter white is here, and it’s even more fabulous than you or I could have imagined.


As wearing white after Labor Day is often seen as a fashion faux pass, I and many celebrities are here to prove it wrong.

White jeans are often most associated with this tale of no white after Labor Day. But white jeans in the winter look fabulous when layered with knits, and coats. These white jeans of course aren’t your summer white jeans, they’re thicker, and sometimes more likely to be a little off white. I say try a pair of white corduroys to get a solid white winter look when it comes to pants.



Another great way to wear white this winter is by off-setting your darker colors with a white or cream coat. It’ll add great contrast and you’ll stand out in this daringly simple outfit.



The most obvious way to incorporate white into your winter wardrobe is with sweaters, they’re a great neutral and everyone should have a basic cable knit white sweater in their closet. But why stop with the basics? Get yourself a turtle neck, or even one with a fun design on it!


Don’t want to commit to drastic white this winter? Take baby steps with accessories.




Of course you could always take the polar plunge with an all-white or mostly all white outfit.


Written by: Sara Bolanos

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