Designer Spotlight: Titania Inglis

Titania Inglis is a new eco-friendly designer based out of New York City.  Her unique designs have created a buzz within the industry.  Her designs are mainly black and white and each piece has a geometric type cut, which adds a twist to each piece.  Her pieces use sustainable sources fabrics such as Japanese organic cotton, French vegetable-tanned leather, and stock wool.

Titania Inglis’s spring/ summer 2012 line is made up of solely black and white pieces.  Many pieces have a diagonal line to them whether they be a diagonal line where a shirt goes from black to white or her signature skirts which use the trendy high-low hemline but have it turned sideways so that the skirt is high-low on a diagonal.

Her pieces are a little bit pricey ranging from around $300-400.  However, if you have the money to spend her pieces are definitely worth it.  They are very unique and are sure to draw attention to her garments through her use of geometric cuts.  These environmentally friendly pieces are sure to made her become a more widely known designer among the fashion industry.

Written By: Caitlin Bombaski

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