Blondes vs. Brunettes

In this generation of celebrities, we have seen outrageous outfits, spontaneous wardrobe malfunctions, and even extreme hairstyles. Seeing that the celebrity world is ever changing, who knows what will happen next? Celebrities in the market are trying to find their own unique look. It can range from trying new fashion styles and changing their hair. When it comes to hair changes, we’ll tone down to the classic battle between blondes and brunettes.


First up to bat is the beloved Hilary Duff. We were by her side during her Lizzie McGuire years and we are still sticking with her through motherhood. Hilary Duff has gone from blonde to brunette throughout her career. The her blonde hair makes her young and naïve but her brunette hair gives off a mature look just perfect enough motherhood. Say goodbye to the Goldie locks… brunette wins this battle.


Who do we have next? How about the lovely Jessica Biel. The actress you’d love to hate. She seems to have it all; a great body, a great career, and a great husband (Justin Timblake… JEALOUS!). When it comes to hair, Jessica Biel is another woman who has tried the blonde or brunette look. As a blonde, she looks like a bohemian surf girl. But as a brunette, Jessica Biel looks like a woman ready to conquer the world. Sorry blondes, but the brunettes claims victory again.


Brunettes are 2 for 2. How will the blondes ever catch up now? Next up we have Cameron Diaz. This wild and fun spirited actress has made her brand in all kinds of movies. She is another actress with a great body and attains many different talents. Cameron Diaz can be listed in the actresses with the dilemma of blonde and brunette. We’re so adapted to seeing her with blonde that seeing her as a brunette has such an impact. Blonde is good; brunette, not so much. Blondes are on the board.


It’s all up to our last contestant, the pop princess herself, Britney Spears. Now Britney Spears has been through so much the past years. She has faced difficult decisions, paths, and changes throughout her life. But choosing between blonde Britney and brunette Britney… blonde Britney is the way to go. Blonde Britney is just classic and is all her. No need for changes.

The final result in the battle of blondes and brunettes results in a tie. What color do you side with?

Writen by: Andrea Marie Luistro

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