Designer Spotlight: Vera Bradley

At one point in your life, you were exposed to at least one of Vera Bradley’s elite designs. Everyone is probably wondering who this Vera Bradley person is and why she’s become so popular.  Well first off, Vera Bradley is not a real person. The company founded by two women named Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard. The two women were neighbors. Both contributed $250 and starting their small business in Patricia Miller’s garage. The name ‘Vera’ in Vera Bradley came from Barbara Braldey Baekgaard’s mother. Today, Vera Bradley is a multi-million dollar company.


What makes Vera Bradley so popular? Vera Bradley started marketing and selling items in Hallmark stores. With the popularity rapidly growing, the company decided to make a huge step into launching its own stores. Vera Bradley stores can now be found in some Hallmark stores, large malls, and shopping outlets. You cannot help but notice the bright colors and patterns when passing a Vera Bradley store. The company has exclusive designs offered in many different items. Most popular for its handbags and accessories, throughout the years, Vera Bradley has expanded its merchandise.


Vera Bradley has almost every house item, office item, gift item, and accessory you can think of. Each item is made with a signature Vera Bradley design that could be spotted anywhere. Some of the products that Vera Bradley has to offer include handbags, travel accessories, tableware, electronic cases, cosmetic bags, stationery, bedding, and most recently their new baby collection. If you think there are a lot of items, there are a lot of patterns too. Some of the popular designs include Vava Bloom, Summer Cottage, Ribbons, Yellow Bird, Hope Garden, and Viva La Vera. Some patterns are retired but are replaced with new patterns four times per year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Vera Bradley is always updating their patterns and products to continue their growth.

 Vera Bradley is not only about its unique designs or numerous amounts of items; the company is active in supporting breast cancer research. The company has its own foundation called The Vera Bradley Foundation. The foundation supports breast cancer research laboratories located at the Indiana University Cancer Center. There are collections designed available to the public specifically supporting the Vera Bradley Foundation. The recent (2009-2013) designs that have supported Breast Cancer Awareness includes Pinwheel Pink, Hope Garden, Loves Me, Twirly Birds Pink, Tea Garden, and the most present, Ribbons. Vera Bradley contributes approximately $1 million annually to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.


The company Vera Bradley is more than just patterns and hone items. It started off in a garage and is now a successful company with a solid purpose. Vera Bradley is the perfect place to go to for gifts for almost any occasion. Stop by a Vera Bradley store and see for yourself!

Written by: Andrea Marie Luistro

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