Embodiments of Fashion: Alison Mosshart

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She’s a rock goddess, rebel rebel, and a phenom of a singer. She and Kate Moss’s hubby Jamie Hince have managed to earn reputable success while somehow managing supreme underground garage punk rocker status over the last decade. She and  Hince’s band The Kills has earned graces from performances at festivals like Coachella, San Francisco’s Outside Lands, and New York’s Governor’s Ball. They’ve opened  Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age among many other big name rock bands and have still remained authentic and untapped. She’s the epitome of a cool rocker, and she’s got a fashion sense to match her talent: edgy and provocative.

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I first came to notice Miss Mosshart with one of Dead Weather’s first songs. Alison Mosshart has worked also on a project with Jack White in their band Dead Weather with a heavier bluesy electronic experiment for the past several years. In the video Treat Me Like Your Mother, Mosshart and White march in some deserted strip of land which looks like the neglected and undeveloped strands of dead grass of the outskirts of some Southern Californian suburb. A duel ensues as they each sing their parts of the duet in cool leather jackets in the austere bleached sky of Socal in summer. I remember copying Mosshart’s outfit immediately after this. Soft pink top over one shoulder, tight black skinnies, black boots, a black leather jacket, thick Ray-Bans and thick matted make up. As they pelt each other with machine gun bullets whilst singing, the back of their leather jackets are torn through with trickles of blood. Mosshart holds fire to light a cigarette and this pose became iconic.

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While violent, the video is mostly kitschy and aware of its own absurdity and departure from reality. The fact that it is in some modern suburb connotes that it is in the modern day, a time far from that of cowboys and duels. Aside from the fake blood, they look like two kids playing with fake guns in the way they handle them, the lack of kickfire. It’s clear that these are just props in the irony of looking “cool.” Main lesson of this video: Mosshart is a badass to be reckoned with, in her style and in her voice.

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Interview magazine called her a legend, a  “21st century rock and roll heroine.”

There’s something extremely Joan Jett about her. The stark hard materials and textures from the 70s punk era grace her soft skin reminiscent of the Runaways and the Blackhearts. When Mosshart wears leather, boots, leopard, and graphic tees there is a faint memory of Joan Jett in her style. Not only by the clothes she wears, but by the defining contrast of such tough, woman-power materials is the deep and pure beauty of their angel faces. Soft, pure, while also hard and gorgeous. Jett and Mosshart wear the cheekbones many women dream about, and they wear them well. Hard makeup around the eyes and with little blush or lip stick they represent an austere inner strength that is undeniably striking when you hear one of their songs. Mosshart’s an original for her time and her art, but it’s not hard to see when we’ve loved this style in another life.

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Search Alison Mosshart on Google and you’ll find her gracing many pages of tumblr and blogspot articles, many with the titles: fashion Inspiration, style icon, and Alison Mosshart: because she’s epic. She’s got the je ne sais quoi that we all hope to carry around as we drink our coffees, go to work, and while we’re out shopping before we go home.

Here Mosshart advertises for designer Eddie Bogo’s fall 2012 campaign. He designed the jewelry. The jacket? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Mosshart’s own.

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Shopping with Mosshart’s rock partner’s wife, Kate Moss.

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Vogue gave her the month of April. The UK Vogue web site asked that Mosshart report every day in April a description of what she was wearing and a Polaroid of it. The snapshots show a cool, distant, and ghostlike Mosshart posing with disheveled hair and a few of her favorite pieces. The regular spot was called Today I’m Wearing .

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“Today I’m wearing Givenchy black suede heels, a pair of Superfine jeans, and a vintage leopard top.” Mosshart is always inspired and updated while staying true to her identity. Her balance of designer labels and long-time favorites keep her interesting and stand apart.

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She has her go-tos. She admitted to Interview magazine that she wore the same pair of jeans two tours in a row. I’d guess the brand was Superfine since that was the most highly referenced in her Today I’m Wearing column. She also has three pairs of gold boots, and wears Bess shoes on the regular. Bess is a New York boutique specializing in 1980s vintage punk wear. The site boasts style names like “f*cked up stud biker boot.” Mosshart also has a penchant for fur coats, faux and real. A true vintage rockstar.

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She’s the antithesis to pop stars like Rihanna for how little of her body she shows. Traces of hands and wrists, neck and face, are typically the only bits of pale skin you’ll find. Blame the grey English weather for her and Jamie Hince’s London look, or was that his wife Kate Moss’s thing? Mosshart has a knack for throwing on flannels and leopard tops over rock tees and rocking with printed or black skinnies. She’s boyish in that way, but there’s also something feminine in strength about it. She doesn’t need to boast curves or show of her body for anyone else’s desires. She’s feminine in her makeup, jewelry and fashion choices, and she doesn’t care about pleasing or shocking the masses like Gaga or Britney. She just does her thing.

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Written by: Courtney Prather

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