The Vintage Twin

Now this is a cool website I just discovered that has vintage, second hand, reworked clothing. From blouses to flannels, this site offers something for everyone, and that’s exactly the point. TVT offers a single item of each product, so if you are looking for individuality and a sense of something unique, this is the place for you.

Each piece is reworked with salvaged fabrics or designs to make it current and ‘on-trend’. It may once have been in a grandma’s closet, but now, you can definitely rock it!

Truthfully, the best part about this website is that it provides cool, unique, vintage pieces without the hassle of searching through discount bins and racks in thrift shops. Although there is fun in the find, it is difficult to discover something actually wearable… and clean. Plus, this isn’t like the usual ‘TopShop’ , ‘Forever21’, boutique vintage clothing. Instead, it’s actually affordable.

TVT Pic 1

A ‘Just Kidding Emoji’ revamped Flannel

TVT Pic 2

A ‘Don’t Worry Be Yoncé’ Flannel

TVT Pic 3

Fall-Felt Blouse


TVT Pic 4

Acid-Wash Harem Overalls

TVT Pic 5

Polka Dot Romper 


So go browse, explore, and adventure on to some wonderfully wacky pieces!

Written by: Jasmine Allen

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