Lady High Heel Loafers: YAY or NAY?

Making frequent appearances on the runway and the streets of Manhattan, lady high heel loafers definitely seem to be a hot fall/winter trend. Paired with stockings and a pencil skirt or even a pair of cuffed jeans, for some people this is the perfect fall outfit.


But, are loafers really as fashionable as the runway is trying so desperately to make them seem?

I don’t think so. I think loafers are something that should never have the word lady in front of it. For men it gives their outfit a certain classy, clean, work-oriented look. For women, I think It looks frumpy and adds 10 years to the outfit. Yes, there is a certain kind of professionalism behind loafers, but from a high fashion standpoint, I think it’s a stretch. With that said, there are definitely some people that can put together such a great outfit you’re willing to look past the loafers, but in my opinion these are rare cases.

If you’re looking for the same level of comfort or professionalism as loafers, or even if you’re just looking for comfortable shoes for hanging out or a night on the town, check out these stylish alternatives! – $24.90 – $51.32

loafer_3– $29



To sum up how I feel about lady loafers, just replace the work fetch with lady loafers and you’ve got it.


Happy shopping readers!

Written by: Natalya DeGrasse

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