Inspired By…Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is currently airing its final season and the show has provided an endless number of beautiful and classy looks that we can draw inspiration from even today. Now is a perfect time to take a look back at the amazing outfits and use them to create fashionable looks today. These classic vintage looks never go out of style.


Casual dress isn’t really a thing for the nobility, but you can find inspiration for special day time events. For a semi-casual event, you can pair a lovely lace dress with some cream-colored heels and a string of pearls. To make the look even more vintage inspired, try a cartwheel hat to complete the look. This look is perfect for a fancy brunch or even a day time wedding.


The ladies of Downton know how to dress for a fabulous night. Night time looks are all about extreme glam. A beautiful drop waist dress with crystal embellishments will be the perfect way to mimic their amazing ensembles. Try a fabulous faux fur wrap or jacket over it. Pair the look with some beautiful opal or pearl jewelry to keep all eyes glued to you for the evening.


Downton even offers ideas for the work environment.  Try a cream colored blazer with a matching pencil skirt. Keep the accessories minimal to keep the looks professional. Finish the ensemble with flapper heels or oxford heels for a vintage feel that is still workplace appropriate.


The looks of Downton Abbey are beautiful and demure. Focus on classic and feminine accessories like lace and pearls, and use soft muted tones like cream and pastels. Keep makeup simple to keep the focus on the clothes. The timelessness of these styles makes them perfect for anyone who loves fashion or vintage styles and wants to show off their unique taste. 

Written By: Emily Edinger

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