Summer Nail Colors

Seasons have their representative colors. Summer colors include pastels, white, and even tie dyed colors with summery vibes. It is no surprise that nail polish companies catch onto all the seasonally trendy colors, and apply them to their collections. Companies like Essie are famous for their beautiful collection, with a broad range of summer colors. The nail polish color spectrum for summer is almost limitless but here are some shades you should definitely give a try!

Summer is all about the beach, pool, and the cool night sky- which brings us to the different shades of blue. Blue is a cool color to beat the blazing hot weather. I could go on perpetually describing the different shades of blue one must try this summer. To take a slight glimpse at the wide range, you can try a pastel shade, minty shade, cool shade, or a starry blue with sparkles.



4For those summer pool parties and girls nights out, a s little shimmer on the nails is a must. The shimmer or metallic cover gives a cool vibe to your look. They are also perfect if your outfit is one color, and needs a little sparkle.





Red is definitely an outlier in the summery light color spectrum. This color is bold and often associated with winter and fancy occasions. However, red is also suitable summer and can compliment any outfits during summer. Rather than the usual pastel colors, red can stand out and give a spice to your looks. And who wouldn’t love matte red?



These are only a grind of sand when compared to the immense range of summer colors for your nails. But rather than sticking with your usual colors, give some of these a try for this season!

Written By: Julie Ahn

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