We’ve Officially Reached Peak ’90s Nostalgia


Chokers aren’t going anywhere. JNCO jeans are coming back. And I just ordered a pair of clear, sparkly jelly sandals online. When I think about it, all the signs were there. Everything pointed to the inevitability that the fashion industry would reach peak ‘90s nostalgia very soon. I just didn’t realize how soon.

Retailer Rage On! is now selling apparel with official Lisa Frank designs, like a neon lion sweatshirt and majestic unicorn leggings.


We’re now at a point where you can dress exactly like how you used to decorate your notebooks in the first grade. So what are you waiting for? Now that we’ve reached our peak, the ‘90s-nostalgia-related fatigue could set in at any moment, so jump on these clothes while they’re available.


Written By: Sydney Rakestraw
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