Photo Shoot Ideas with Friends

As some of us are becoming seniors in high schools or college, we may want to treasure something forever in memory of our friends. Many group of friends have friendship jewelry such as initialed necklaces or rings. One old fashion and contemporary way of treasuring memories is through photos. Although digital photos are convenient, physical pictures are more nostalgic and tangible remembrance of friendship we get to keep for many years.

Professional photographers can take great photos but to make these photos more cute and memorable, a fun theme can be incorporated. Here are some great themes for the perfect photo shoot with friends.

  1. Great scenery can be found in our beautiful nature.  


  1. Fancy dresses in the most casual way. Sit along a pier with fancy dresses and the most perfect hair updos.


  1. To depict the party life you had -or wished to have, come up with an exciting party theme.


  1. City life- If you and your friends are city girls, drive to the nearest city like L.A. and jump for the sky!


  1. Copy Friends. Enjoy watching Friends? Well grab some milkshakes and pose like them!


…or grab colorful umbrellas near a fountain.


  1. Vintage lovers, bring out the old vibes through the photoshoot. It doesn’t have to be black and white- just dress vintage and choose a place. Photoshop can do the filtering.

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  1. Take a fun road trip and capture the moments along the way.


  1. Have you ever wanted to go inside the washing machine? Well it’s time to get in with your friends and pose with the biggest laugh of your life.


  1. Cart fun. We’ve all enjoyed rides in the cart when we were young. Instead of your mom, it will be your friends pushing the cart in the photo.


  1. After graduation, take your gowns off but keep the caps to show the dress you spent hours on picking.


  1. Just be silly with your friends.


Written By: Julie Ahn

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