Satin Love

Sheer, mesh, suede. The type of fabric used to make clothes is essential when it comes to trends. Not only brand names and flawless designs steal the spotlight in the fashion industry- different fabric materials are gravitating many people and making it the next new trend. Sheer, mesh, and suede are old trends, it’s time for some satin love.

First off, satin itself gives a very elegant vibe to your outfit. If you have a fancy party or a date night dinner on your agenda, grab a satin dress. Jewelry is even necessary because the dress itself bring so much elegance to your look. (It’s also a perfect time to bring out those bold red lipsticks or beautiful matte lip gloss)

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If you love satin but have no fancy events planned, wear a plain t-shirt underneath the dress and tone the look down with comfy tennis shoes.

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Although satan is such a unique material, you can definitely pair any satin top/bottom with other textured clothing peices. The elegance in satin will balance out in your outfits when paired with casual materials such as denim or other basic textiles.

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Also perfect for a girls night out, just add a choker.

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Satin bomber looks bomb with anything.


Satin lace up ballet flats are not only for ballerinas. You can pair them with shorts or a flowy dress in summer.


Written By: Julie Ahn

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