Falling For Fall Jackets

This fall and winter are all about layering. This means don’t tuck away all your summer/spring clothes because even a thin t-shirt can be layered- eventually enough to keep you warm and fuzzy. One of the principle layering tool is jackets. Jackets are easy to throw on and although it depends on each jacket, they usually do the job of retaining the heat against the cold. But don’t sag your shoulders at the mention of ‘jackets. We aren’t talking about boring gray hooded jackets; we are talking about trendy fall jackets to fall in love this season.

Since beginning of fall is usually not that cold ( California’s weather occasionally hits above 90 degrees in October), be prepared with a thin, light cardigan. This velvet kimono is perfect because the velvet texture gives a fall vibe while not being too heavy for a light breeze.

1Bomber Jackets are bomb when it comes to trendy pieces this year. Our chic black bomber jackets have evolved into a beautifully embroidered-satin jacket to easily embellish any outfit.

2But let’s not forget that sometimes plain is the way we want it. However, even plain does not mean ‘black’- this season, pop in some pink to your looks.

3Combining two of the biggest trends of the year: off the shoulders and bomber jacket, Topshop just added a new design to our bomber world.

4Not many of us may be motorcyclists but we do love leather jackets. Whether it’s a girly-floral dress or distressed black jeans with a white v-neck, any looks can be complemented with a leather jacket. Black or Pink- it’s your choice.

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This one is rather suede than leather but it gives an illusion of a leather jacket due to its design and who cares if it’s suede? Some people might just adore it more.

7Of course, no one can resist coats when the temperature significantly drops. This season,however, isn’t all about the beige or gray coats. Designers decided to pop in some colors to your wardrobe. Grab your favorite coat and head to Starbucks for some hot cappuccino- Christmas Cups are coming soon!

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We love long, cozy coats that drape all the way down to our knees. Nevertheless, there are times when we need something cropped- even in fall- and this is when you can appreciate an ingenious creation of cropped peacoats.

10Denim jackets have been around even before I was born but it seems as if no one can let denim go. For this Fall, reach for a vintage denim jacket with a twist of fur lining for extra coziness and extra style.

11Written By: Julie Ahn

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