Business Fashion Inspired By… Suits

Whether it’s your last day on the job or you’re heading out for your first official interview, what you wear to the office is very important. When you think of high-ranking business offices, you might think of stiff, hard-headed people that dress in nothing but bland colors and tacky suits. This isn’t always true! If you’re a true fashionista in the business world, here are a few outfit inspirations that you could try out, straight from the hit television show Suits.

Sleek A-Line Dress


Here is a classic look that every business woman should have in her closet. A simple, A-line black dress paired with a two-tone bag and the right pair of heels will do great in an office setting. Appearing in season five, this dress was worn by Claire and it made her look incredible. If you can, find something similar for your next work day. You won’t regret it.

Draped Blouse Combination


A blouse is the most common piece of fashion you’ll find women wearing in the office. Instead of wearing something that’s a solid color, try finding something a little more daring. This blouse, worn by Dr. Paula Agard in season five, is an amazing example. The pattern is emphasized because it’s being paired with a solid black pencil skirt. Model your next work outfit off of this and you’ll leave the office happy.

Mixed Pattern Dress


Patterns can be a hit or miss in an office setting, but when you wear them like Donna Paulsen did in season five, you’ll be the topic of conversation all day long. I am a huge fan of patterns, but what makes this dress standout is how it makes use of the black and white color scheme. Each of the three sections is unique. The black highlights your midsection and the top and bottom prints fuse together to create an overall chic look and one heck of a dress.

Pencil Skirt Combination


Rachel Zane definitely knows how to dress. In this picture, taken during an episode in season five, she’s seen wearing a classic business look that anyone could easily recognize. Along with blouses, pencil skirts are definitely must-haves in your business wardrobe. To make sure you do well in the office with this look, pair your skirt with an embellished top. Whether it has a pattern or a lace trim, it’s all about the little details.

You can’t go wrong with any of these business-approved outfits. They’re chic, adorable and make the office feel a little bit more like a runway.

Written By: Elizabeth Steinberg

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