Is Velvet Back?

Red velvet cupcakes contain the perfect amount of sweetness and simply melts in my mouth. But what is better than this delightful red velvet cake? Velvet clothing.

That’s right; velvet is back in stock and ready for the winter celebrations. Only a year ago, velvet was the crazy trend everyone hopped on the bandwagon for. Today, velvet is back with more variety. Rather than the usual dark blue/purple velvet dress, now there are pink velvet dresses to bright orange, velvet boot heels. Ladies, it’s time to bring out the velvet stuff out of your closet for some delightful outfits.

Let’s start with dresses. There are simply countless amount of dresses out there made with rich velvet that creates the perfect chic look for any event. But it is not the stereotypical tight, bodycon dress we all imagine in our heads at the mention of ‘velvet dress’. Nothing too sexy–just classic.

The seductive velvet color balances very well as a background for some beautiful, vibrant flowers.


Dress like a princess and you will feel like one. Swing in this beautiful velvet dress with a princess-seaming neckline. Instead of a fancy necklace (that most girls will want to reach for), try a simple thin black choker.


In reality though, nothing can beat this classic red velvet. Needless to say, the bold red color is enough for the holidays.


Not everyday is a party day. However, you can still wear velvet without fancy dress looks. There are so many items made with rich velvet such as pants, shirt, shoes, and even hoodies.

Although sometimes velvet can seem a little overwhelming due to its unique texture, you can always wear these items almost anywhere you go.







Everything is wrapped up with shoes.The last thing we put on as we step outside the door. Since the days are getting very cold, boots are almost a necessity. Rather than wearing typical black leather chelsea boots (although I love them), grab a bold velvet pair to bring colors to your outfit.



Written By: Julie Ahn

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